Riding at Back Bay Farm

We are so excited to have so many new riders joining us at Back Bay Farm! We put together the following so you know what to expect when you arrive for your lesson or to ride your horse.

Riding Lessons

  • Arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the start of your lesson
  • Check the schedule to see who you are riding, and find an open cross tie and get tack & groom kit
  • Pick your horse’s feet in their stall
  • Fold and place your horse’s blanker back on their stall (please keep blankets off the ground)
  • Groom and tack up (in cold weather, run bit under hot water just before you bridle)
  • Sweep your mat before you get on

Winter Riding

  • Walk your horses on contact in both directions for at least 5 minutes. They need time to warm up and look around before trotting, and so do you!

School Riders

  • Must never canter unless instructor is in the ring

All Riders

  • Only jump in a lesson – never jump on your own
  • Please keep your cell phones off your body when handling or riding a horse
  • Always walk your horse in the indoor after riding until they are cool and breathing normally

After Riding

  • Untack and thoroughly groom – clean ears, nose, butt and your entire horse very well. Hoof condition several times per week
  • Put their blankets back on and sweep mat again
  • Clean tack – there is always someone at the barn who can teach you how to clean your tack
  • Allow 30-45 to cool off your horse and put them and your tack away properly after your lesson


  • Always use a shovel and a broom to clean up every manure ball when on the cross ties
  • If your horse poops outside the barn, go out and clean all of it up with the pitch fork after you ride

We hope this helps make your experience at Back Bay Farm an enjoyable one! We look forward to seeing you at the barn.

We are also excited to announce that the BBF Horse Shows for 2022 will be taking place on Sunday, May 15th and Thursday, August 18th. We hope to see you there!

About Back bay Farm

Back Bay Farm is a premier hunter equitation training and boarding stable located in Ipswich, Massachusetts

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