Lesson Program

Back Bay Farm offers year round horseback riding lessons for all ages and abilities.

Back Bay Farm Lesson Program

Back Bay Farm encourages anyone who wants to take lessons, whether you’ve never been on a horse or are interested in showing. School lessons are reasonably priced and are offered every day throughout the week that we’re open.

Riders are placed appropriately in either private or small group lessons tailored to their skills and needs. Our riding school students have access to lessons with Robin Petersen and our other instructors, Anna Cove and Dianne Hammond. School riders are also welcome to participate when guest instructors and clinicians come to Back Bay.

Consistency is key! School riders are encouraged to maintain a weekly lesson schedule to be able to retain their new skills and improve. There is a place in our schedule for riders of every level!

New Riders Welcome 2024!

Back Bay Farm is home to a wonderful group of horses and ponies that can teach you the ropes. Our show quality mounts are seasoned from leadline to the hunter and equitation rings. They have provided the foundations for many of our successful riders over the years. All our school horses and ponies live in the main barn and are given the utmost quality care. Back Bay Farm is proud to have been named a “Horse Farm of Distinction” by the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation for many years.

If you think Back Bay Farm is the place for your horseback riding lesson needs, please stop by for a visit during business hours. No appointment necessary. This is a great way to get acclimated to our farm, meet our lesson horses/ponies, and even see some of them in action. We look forward to meeting you!

Lesson Rates

  • Group Lesson Rates: $90 (no more than 4 riders in a group)
  • Private Lesson Rates: $110 
Riders can be assured that they will ride in a quiet ring where they will be given the proper attention and instruction.

What to wear to your riding lesson:

  • Riding pants or Long pants
  • Paddock boots or hard-soled shoes with a heel. No sneakers or crocs!
  • A helmet: please bring a fitted, certified helmet. It’s important to have a helmet that is fit to you specifically!
  • Gloves are available to borrow
  • Upon arrival for your first lesson you will be given a safety release form to fill out before you ride. The waiver can also be downloaded here.

Safety Rules and Guidelines:

  • The speed limit is 5 MPH on the driveway. This feels very slow and it should be very slow! There are dogs, children, and horses who depend on this rule.
  • Please do not bring your dogs to the barn. If this is unavoidable, please keep them in your car.
  • No smoking is allowed on the property.
  • Please walk and be generally quiet and gentle.
  • Please park facing away from the outdoor ring, in our parking area. Do not drive up to the barn door.
  • If approaching the indoor ring, please announce yourself as you walk up by loudly saying “Door”, and stop at the doorway until someone says it is safe to enter.
  • Please do not visit the barn outside of business hours (8am to 7pm Tuesday-Friday, 8am to 4pm Saturday & Sunday)
  • Lesson cancellations must be made by 9am on the day of the lesson. All cancellations must be made by phone to the office at 978-356-0730. No text or email.

Kind Words