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Away Show Packing List

To our boarders and any school rider who shows with us at an away show:

This is a list of what you need to pack in your show box. Everything packed must be clean.


  • Bridle/Martingale
    • Saddle (put on the truck)
    • Leather Show Girth
    • Fleece Schooling Girth
    • 1-2 Square Schooling Pads
    • 1-2 Show Pads
    • Black Polos or Equitation Boots
    • Schooling Boots
    • Ear Balls
    • Show Sheet
    • Scrim
    • Irish
    • Fleece or Wool (ask if this is needed)
    • Clean Halter (in your box)
    • Shipping Halter (on your horse’s door)
    • Clean Turnout Boots (in bag on your horse’s door)
    • TREATS!!


  • Helmet
    • Hairnet or Bows
    • Gloves
    • Spurs (bring all options you have!)
    • Show Crop
    • Rubbers
    • Rain Pants
    • Rain Boots

As a horse owner and competitor, you need to own all of these items. Lis Cloutman at Interleather can help you size and order a custom sheet, irish, scrim and fleece for your horse. These items should be in the BBF colors — Navy and Gold.

Lis can be reached at 978-471-0017

Please make sure you have all of these items before Zone 1 Finals. I can no longer lend out any horse clothing, shipping halters, etc. Please see me with any questions on clothing (ie: size, use, care etc.)

Thank you,


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